Liberals Hope the Biggest SCAM in History Will Increase Voter Turnout in FAVOR of Hillary

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I dunno, does warmer weather bring out all the liberals? I personally don’t go outside based on how global warming is going and usually base my vote on those NOT under investigation by the FBI. But that’s just me.

The DC had this to say:

Environmental activists are really hoping, sarcastically or not, higher-than-normal temperatures increase voter turnout to defeat Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Daniel Weiss, the former head of campaigns for the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), said it would be “poetic justice” if Trump and other Republicans skeptical of global warming were defeated by global warming-induced high voter turnout. LCV endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in November 2015 and has spent more than $6 million on ads in support of the former secretary of state.

LCV has spent more than $922,000 on ads opposing Trump, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Weiss retweeted a statement from Ed Maibach, a communications professor at George Mason University who focuses on global warming. Maibach tweeted out an article by ThinkProgress climate editor Joe Romm.

Romm, a climate scientist and environmentalist, suggested projected warm weather throughout November could boost voter turnout.

“Instead of seeing the kind of cold, harsh November weather that can keep some people home, most Americans who vote early or on election day will see near-ideal temps,” Romm wrote.


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