FBI Documents Show Clinton, Kadzik, And Podesta Got Mark Rich Pardoned

The FBI just released  documents on the Mark Rich pardon in 2001  at the end of Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Mark Rich was indicted in the United States on federal charges of tax evasion and illegally making oil deals with Iran during the Iran hostage crisis. He was in Switzerland at the time of the indictment and never returned to the United States.[2] He received a controversial presidential pardon from U.S. President Bill Clinton on January 20, 2001.

On Tuesday the FBI later explained an automated system was triggered to release the documents because these documents were requested under the FOIA “three or more times.”

Now this…
According to a newly released FBI document — Peter Kadzik, John Podesta and Bill Clinton got Mark Rich pardoned!
Podesta made the request to Kadzik in 2000 before Bill Clinton left office.

KADZIK, a close Podesta friend and ally, is heading the server and email investigation of Hillary Clinton at the DOJ!

Kadzik responded to Podesta with in this letter marked December 2000.


Source: The Gateway Pundit 

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