The SIZZLING New FBI And WikiLeaks Releases That Are CRUSHING Hillary

The SIZZLING New FBI And WikiLeaks Releases That Are CRUSHING Hillary

Is the FBI going rogue?  Things just keep getting worse for Hillary as the TRUTH continues to pour out! 

In a move that has surprised many, the FBI joined WikiLeaks in releasing documents related to the Hillary Clinton email scandal. The FBI’s entire report can be viewed at the Online Vault, which can be found here.

One excerpt from the release reveals that Cheryl Mills, a longtime Clinton lawyer and controversial figure who worked at both the State Department and at the Clinton Foundation, ordered that emails be purged.

Take a look:

bb“In November or December of 2014, Mills told ______ she did not want the exported data on the laptops anymore and requested he securely delete the .pst files previously transferred to MILLS’ and SAMUELSON’s workstations, but did not specifically request ______ use deletion software. Based on the request of MILLS, ___ recommended Bleachbit, a tool e used previously with clients who had financial information on computer equipment being decommissioned.”

In a controversial statement of the summer, FBI Director James Comey said that he found no evidence of Hillary’s “intent” to violate the law.

Enter WikiLeaks.

On March 2, 2015, Hillary’s Campaign Chairman John Podesta wrote to Cheryl Mills, “…we are going to have to dump all those emails so better to do so sooner than later.”

Podesta’s message was written as the New York Times was running blockbuster reports of Hillary Clinton using a personal email server as Secretary of State.


Does this email, combined with the FBI report, prove “intent” to you?

Now that Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin’s laptop is being scoured by the FBI, the deletion of emails may be the least of Hillary’s problems.

A scandal is brewing, perhaps bigger than any of these others.

As we reported earlier, important people are starting to distance themselves from Hillary Clinton.

Is this the smoking gun or just one more nail in the coffin?

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