Assange Writes Introduction to “Hillary Clinton: The Goldman Sachs Speeches” Publication

Now this should be a best seller. OR Books, an independent progressive publisher based in New York has taken up the task of publishing some of Hillary’s greatest works. Or should I say, criminal activities?

The book will be called  “Hillary Clinton: The Goldman Sachs Speeches.” The publisher has taken five of Clinton speeches — including the three she gave to Goldman Sachs for $675,000 each and put in an introduction from the man responsible for leaking them, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

In the introduction, Assange writes: “Hillary Clinton made significant money from delivering these three speeches to Goldman Sachs immediately after stepping down from her role as Secretary of State. Now we can all profit from learning what the likely future president says behind closed doors.”

According to co-publisher Colin Robinson, “could print the Democratic candidate’s speeches in full under the legal doctrine of fair use, which allows the publication of copyrighted material for a limited or transformative purpose”. The publisher does not plan on paying Hillary for her work, she was already paid for those speeches. Then again, if she decided to fight it, she would have to admit they are hers.


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