“Basket of Deplorables” Raise OVER $26,000 for Homeless Woman Protecting TRUMP STAR

After a recent vandalization of the “Trump Star” on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, a homeless Trump supporter has posted herself on the premises  to guard against further damage. She was quoted as  saying, “I’m gonna  stay here and watch this and make sure nobody touches it.” Shortly after, she was maliciously slandered, cursed at, bullied and even knocked down.  People even Laughed at her pain asking, “Where’s Trump now?”

The woman had since disappeared and was finally found safe in Los Angeles with Christopher Mack, a man who runs an outreach program for the homeless on Skid row and identified as Denise Scott. Trump’s party was overjoyed that they found her and look forward to letting Donald Trump know. Meanwhile, Trump supporters, you know the basket of deplorables, raised over 26k to see that she is taken care of.

GoFundMe can be found HERE



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