If You See These SPECIFIC CLOTHING ITEMS In Voting Line, Know What SECRETS They Hide

If You See These SPECIFIC CLOTHING ITEMS In Voting Line, Know What SECRETS They Hide

Is this sexist? Hillary Clinton supporters are secretly wearing these things to vote…

Hillary Clinton is in the news every day for having secrets, or more importantly, having secrets exposed. Now women nationwide are joining in her secretive campaign, in ways that some consider sexist, and others just plain silly.

As the story goes, women’s rights activists in the early 1900’s were known to wear white as they fought for women’s right to vote.

In these crazy, modern times, it is being reported Hillary Clinton’s supporters are now wearing white to the voting stations, in a silent show of support.

Hillary wore white earlier this year in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to the Democratic National Convention. It was supposed to be an honorary color, one that celebrated her nomination as the the first female Presidential Candidate for a major party. The New York Times reported that she likely wore that white pantsuit to commemorate the white, purple, and gold of the National Women’s Party and the suffragist movement.

In 1984, Geraldine Ferraro wore white when accepting her nomination as the first female candidate for Vice President for a major party.

The Boston Globe is reporting that female Hillary supporters plan to show their unity and support by wearing white when they turn out to vote.

The Globe spoke with several women who are planning on wearing white, including Michelle Gajda, a college instructor in Tampa. “I wanted to show my children that they are witnessing history,” Gajda said. “It’s a wonderful tribute to a historic campaign and what will hopefully be a wonderful presidency.”

As far as most of us are concerned, women can wear whatever they want when they show up to vote, but isn’t all of this focus on gender a little sexist?

How about wear something that promotes honesty or ethics?

With Hillary Clinton being the only female left in the race, honesty and ethics are probably not considered options, even for those who plan to vote for her.


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