A Lot Happened During the World Series, Here’s What You May Have Missed

While over 40 million people were watching the World Series, and it was a good one, there might have been a few things that were missed. Allow me to fill you in on the blockbuster that came from Fox News’ Bret Baier, who released some serious information courtesy of two sources at the FBI.

You’re welcome

Real Clear Politics summarized Bret’s primary conclusions based on his conversations:

1. The Clinton Foundation investigation is far more expansive than anybody has reported so far and has been going on for more than a year. 

2. The laptops of Clinton aides Cherryl Mills and Heather Samuelson have not been destroyed, and agents are currently combing through them. The investigation has interviewed several people twice, and plans to interview some for a third time. 

3. Agents have found emails believed to have originated on Hillary Clinton’s secret server on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. They say the emails are not duplicates and could potentially be classified in nature. 

4. Sources within the FBI have told him that an indictment is “likely” in the case of pay-for-play at the Clinton Foundation, “barring some obstruction in some way” from the Justice Department. 

5. FBI sources say with 99% accuracy that Hillary Clinton’s server has been hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies, and that information had been taken from it.

While Friday’s bombshell alerted the American public to the reopening of Hillary Clinton’s private email server probe, the Clinton Foundation investigation is a totally separate beast. It’s now clear  that Hillary Clinton, and much of her close circle, are subject to two very serious ongoing investigations. As I explained in the post, Another Black Swan Hits the U.S. Presidential Election, this is very material to the Presidential election for the following reason:

The problems with Hillary Clinton will never go away. They will always resurface or new problems will emerge, and it has nothing to do with a “vast rightwing conspiracy” (or Putin). It has to do with her. It has to do with the fact that her and her husband are career crooks, warmongers, and shameless looters of the American public. This re-opening of the FBI investigation just hammers all of that home for everyone. We know what 4 years of Hillary will look like. It’ll be Obama cronyism on steroids, plus endless investigations with a side of World War 3. I don’t think people want that, and so more Americans than the pundits realize will take a gamble on Trump.

The latest revelations about the Clinton Foundation investigation just further hammers home the above point.

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