PUBLICITY STUNT- Miley Cyrus Campaigning for Hillary, Completely PRE-STAGED

In yet another publicity stunt, Miley Cyrus visited George Mason University last month to knock on students’ dorm room doors in a get-out-the-vote effort for Hillary Clinton gig. Unfortunately, it was ALL planned and simply a photo op for the school.

Breitbart has the story:

As Breitbart News previously reported, Cyrus was at George Mason University on Saturday, October 22 to campaign for Clinton by knocking on students’ dorm room doors and speaking with them about the importance of early voting.

But according to emails between a university administrator and a parent of a student at the school, provided under a state public records request by the nearby Americans for Limited Government Foundation, the event was little more than a university-coordinated photo opportunity, as the students Cyrus was to meet with had already been pre-selected to participate.

In response to a parent who wrote to express her concern for her daughter’s safety in the dormitory during the event, Dr. Thomas Hardy, Assistant Dean for University Life and and Chief Housing Officer at George Mason, said that Cyrus was allowed to visit the dormitory because she was a “guest” of one of the building’s residents.

“Ms. Cyrus visited previously identified students as a pre-approved guest of those rooms,” Hardy explained. “She was escorted by her host at all times, and there was no random door knocking, as that would be solicitation — which is a violation of residence hall policy.”

Hardy’s email also explained that Cyrus was “isolated to one floor of one residence hall,” and was not allowed to visit the rest of the dormitory.

 The university has not released any documents under the public records request indicating that the Clinton campaign reimbursed the university for its security and related costs. The records request specifically asked for such information.The Cyrus event left some at the school outraged, including junior Natalia Castro, who said the partisan event ruined her school’s reputation.

“What happened on my campus did not seem like campaigning but rather a publicity show which kept students disrupted from their daily tasks and prevented reasonable access to dorm halls,” Castro, who is majoring in Government and International Policy, told Breitbart News in an email. “I’m outraged my school participated in this publicity move. It was intrusive, theatrical, and provided no space for political discourse. Rather than fostering an environment of political activism, Mason facilitated a Hillary Clinton press stunt.”

Castro added that she was assured by Republican organizations on campus that Cyrus’s visit would be followed by a visit from Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, but the student said that visit never materialized.

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