Fans Outraged The CMA’s Allowed “Cop Hating, Anti-American Racist On Their Stage”

 In the past few months, Beyonce has publicly taken a radically anti-police stance that has cost the lives of hundreds of cops all over America. That’s why country music fans were furious on Wednesday night when Beyonce showed up at the Country Music Awards to perform her song “Daddy Lessons” with the Dixie Chicks.

While some were excited about Beyonce’s appearance, many were not, and country music singer Kenny Chesney let his distaste for the situation be known.

Chesney was honored last night with the Pinnacle Award in recognition of his contributions to the legacy of the country music genre. That might also explain why he was so annoyed to see a non-country star perform.

Chesney wasn’t the only person who was angered by this…

Source MRCBlog

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