[VIDEO] College Student Reminds His Peers What A Terrible Person Hillary Is At Her Own Rally

An Iowa State student went to a Hillary Clinton rally, in which Bernie Sanders (sellout) was present, and used his speaking time to RUIN Hillary Clinton. And….he security removed him from the stage, as per the usual when anyone talks bad about Hillary.

Twitchy – Bernie Sanders was in Iowa Saturday to campaign on behalf of Hillary Clinton at several public universities, but Kaleb Vanfosson, president of the Young Democratic Socialists group at Iowa State, kicked things into gear early with a shorter-than-expected speech ripping the “terrible” Democrat candidate.

You would think that this was a Donald Trump supporter who might have been hired to pull this off. But wait, that’s what the leftists do. THEY pay people to do things like this.

Nope. This guy doesn’t like Donald Trump either. I’m pretty sure he’s a Bernie Bot who’s still mad that his candidate had the election rigged from underneath him like a rug.

The young speaker, Kaleb Vanfosson, takes the mic and wrecks Hillary and reminds the audience how she’s a terrible candidate. I have to agree with him, even though he’s a democrat who probably needs a safe space when people use mean words. Sometimes they make good points before they go into hiding at their safe space with their donuts and nice words on posters.

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