EXPOSED: Hillary’s Additional SECRET BACKUP DEVICE Has Been Revealed


Another National Security leak! Will the FBI take action on this new “Datto Device?”

Hillary Clinton’s email processes were so lax that even her maid, Marina Santos, had access to information that is supposed to be guarded with upmost security. We all know that Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin were vulnerabilities, as well. Time and time again we learn new revelations of how lax her State Department processes were, and how National Security secrets were treated much the same as messages about “yoga and recipes.”

Yesterday, we reported that FBI Director James Comey had sent another letter to Congress regarding Hillary Clinton’s ongoing email investigation.

FBI Director Comey’s SHOCKING New Announcement On Hillary Investigation

Today, Breitbart is reporting that the FBI has in its possession a “Datto Device,” that was not searched in either version of Comey’s email investigations.

What is this Datto device?

Hillary’s home-brew, vulnerable email server was being backed up, routinely, using an online service called Datto, Inc.. This is especially troubling, given that the server is alleged to have stored Classified Material. Evidently, Clinton’s computer company, Platte River Networks, did not even know that the server was being backed up by Datto until just prior to releasing the hardware they managed to the FBI.

Datto, Inc. has announced that it turned over a “hardware device” to the FBI along with any Hillary Clinton emails.

So, now the FBI has Anthony Weiner’s laptop and this mysterious Datto device.

Does it upset you to learn that this device was not part of the original investigations? Now, one day prior to the 2016 Presidential Election, the FBI appears to have washed its hand of the case, without even mentioning this new hardware.

Some, like citizen Larry Kawa, who is represented by Judicial Watch, believe that the Freedom of Information Act case should provide for the release of the Datto device.

Will the information see the light of day?

We believe that the truth will come out, it is truly a question of when.

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