House Speaker Ryan Makes A Major Move, He Will Campaign For…

Speaker Paul Ryan has made it very clear he doesn’t like Donald Trump. Ryan has been a thorn in his side the whole process, but with our very liberty and freedom at stake, it is time to get on board.

Ryan has now had a huge change of heart and he is campaigning for Trump. With only 1 day to election day it just may be too late.

From BizPac Review:

House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin offered to appear at a rally for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump scheduled in West Allis, Wis., which was later canceled.

Ryan said in early October he would no longer campaign or defend the billionaire’s comments following the leak of a 2005 video showing the candidate making lewd comments about women. “We don’t know if it’s scheduled firm or not yet, but I intend to do it if he’s here,” Ryan told reporters, according to The Cap Times. “Here’s the point: we’re going from here to Mukwonago to go campaign with Mike Pence. So everybody’s schedule is a little bit in flux in these closing moments, but if our nominee comes, we’ll campaign with him.”

I am sure this is a major political move on Ryan’s part, but we will take it. We need all boots on the ground to get Trump elected.

Get out and vote tomorrow!

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