[VIDEO] Largest Christian Town In Iraq Liberated! – Citizens Pray For Trump Victory

The largest Christian town in Iraq was liberated from ISIS this week.

According to The Gateway Pundit, The liberated Christians are praying for a TRUMP VICTORY on Tuesday. They say Obama abandoned them to ISIS and Hillary will do the same. Here is video from inside the church after it was liberated from the Islamic State.

First mass inside Qaraqosh in two years.

Express.co reported:

IRAQI Christians will pray for Donald Trump’s election victory after they condemned US Government for “abandoning” them to the barbaric terror of Islamic State.

The Christian community in the latest Iraqi town to be freed from ISIS have opened up about how they were terrorised at the hands of the twisted jihadi militants.

The once-bustling Qaraqosh, which boasted of more than 50,000 Christian residents, was recaptured from the jihadis last week.

Residents who stayed in the town have described how ISIS told every Christian to pay a massive tax, convert to Islam or face execution…

…Those who survived the terror have now voiced their outrage that President Obama refused to protect them when Iraq’s largest Christian city fell to ISIS more than two years ago.

A man in the village said he hopes Donald Trump – a widely favoured candidate in the town – will bring a different approach to Iraqi Christians.

He told the camera: “Obama has never helped the Christians. In fact, he despises them. In the last 26 months, he has shown he despises all of them.

“But we have hope in the new president, Trump.”

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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