[VIDEO] Liberal ‘Adult’ Stars Offer ‘Bl*w J*bs’ If You Vote Against The P*ssy Grabber

[VIDEO] Porn Stars: 'Vote Against Trump And WE PROMISE To Make The Election Results SUCK'

These adult film actresses really DO NOT LIKE Donald Trump, and they have this SPECIAL OFFER for anyone who votes against him! Here are the rules:

Madonna made headlines recently for when she surprised a crowd at Madison Square Garden by opening for Amy Schumer. She jokingly promised fans that she would give blowjobs to anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton. The singer obviously isn’t going to do that, but it looks like two porn stars will.

Angelina Castro and Maggie Green say that this election “sucks,” and they want to “put some fun” back into it. And, they both hate Donald Trump, because he doesn’t support “nasty women, and he wants to deport all those sexy, fiery Latinas.”

One more day America!!! #voteagainsttrump #teambjelections2016 #angelinacastrolive #angelinacastro #bbw #cuban #latina

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Watch their video below:

So, if Trump loses on election day, Maggie and Angelina are planning to “give everyone BJs.”

All you have to do is “vote against the orange clown…no brainer.”

Here are the rules:

To qualify for a BJ fans must follow both Angelina Castro and Maggie Green on Twitter and vote against Trump. Details on how to collect the BJs if Trump loses the election will be posted on TeamBJ.com three days after the election day. The girls are tentatively planning Inauguration Day to deliver on their promise.

Will their tactic work in tomorrow’s Election?

Are you interested in their offer. I, for one, am not!


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