Wikileaks: Hillary Campaign PURPOSELY and OPENLY Lies to the Press,“Tell Them a Big, Elaborate Lie”

We have all seen the amount of Clinton corruption that has been reveled in the last few weeks and Wikileaks continues to pile it on. The newest email “dump” reveals that the Clinton’s purposely lie to the media in order to “reset” the campaign!

How are people still blinded by Hillary’s FAKE empathy for the American people and still plan to vote for her?!?! Ill tell you why, because the media are all bought and the Liberal agenda is the only thing they want to push. They know they are being lied to and turn a blind eye for their own personal gain.

So many Conservatives and Julian Assange are right, Trump won’t be ALLOWED to win, it’s already been set in stone. The FBI clearly doesn’t give a crap either.

GP has the story:


New Wikileaks documents reveal more deceit from the Hillary Campaign swamp.

Hillary Campaign Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri told Campaign Manager Robbie Mook to lie to reporters in order to reset the campaign,

“This is a great way to do a reset with the press – tell them a big, elaborate lie.”

The sad thing is, liberal media hacks take this abuse and dishonesty because pushing the leftist agenda is all that is important.

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