[VIDEO] Anonymous Reveals How To Comfort Your Liberal Girlfriend Or Wife

[VIDEO] Anonymous Reveals How To Comfort Your Liberal Girlfriend Or Wife

Anonymous tells us exactly what to do to succeed now that “the first woman President” will not be Hillary

America was poised to accept its first woman President. Hillary Clinton, her husband, the Clinton Foundation, and all of their friends at the Department of Justice and in the news media had rigged the system. It was a complex, seemingly insurmountable setup.

Donald Trump had already defied the odds once. He was given a 1% chance of securing the Republican nomination. Establishment Republicans fought with him and even shunned him after the Republican Primaries were finished. It is reported that the Bush family voted almost in unison against Donald Trump.

The Presidential Election of 2016 saw the emergence of new players. WikiLeaks and Anonymous came to dominate the news cycle, with video and email releases that revealed much about the inner workings of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign, the DNC, and the Clinton Foundation.

At first, many were not inclined to view these hacking groups as credible, though, as the Election Season played out, both WikiLeaks and Anonymous were proven to have accurate information.

The Podesta Emails, from WikiLeaks, were devastating to Hillary and her Campaign.

Anonymous produced videos that were surprisingly accurate, as well. More than one Anonymous video message touted, with confidence, the looming victory of Donald Trump. Their statistics and predictions defied conventional wisdom and many of the polls.

Now that the Election of 2016 has come to a historic close, Anonymous tells us how to adjust to the defeat of Hillary.

Many of us have a liberal lady friend in our lives. How do we address the issue with them?

Just because Hillary’s Presidential hopes have been dashed, it does not mean that our fulfilling relationships with liberal girls have to end.

All it takes is the correct guidance.

Enter Anonymous, again.

Watch, learn, and enjoy their wisdom below:



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