How did the mysterious hacktivist group ANONYMOUS do it? Watch and decide for yourself:

Starting two days ago, Anonymous published some shocking predictions. Many of us doubted them.

Consider a few points from the Anonymous Pre-Election message. Some of these points have been on the minds of many, but perhaps not articulated in such a concise way.

1- Corrupt leaders keep the populace blind using tools of culture, like television and celebrities

2- World leaders enrich themselves by arming enemies that they claim to protect the populace against

3- Free speech is being threatened, with death or imprisonment

4- Some seek to censor the Internet, the last bastion of true Free Speech

5- There is cause for hope, as the people, united, are stronger than the government

Nonetheless, the hacktivist group predicted a historic win for outsider Donald Trump and a sobering, almost unbelievable career-ender for insider Hillary Clinton.

Truthfully, few took these videos seriously when they were released. Perhaps, we are so conditioned to listen to conventional, mainstream sources that we discounted Youtube videos from a bizarre group like Anonymous?

The mainstream media has not called the Election yet, but the final outcome is near, with a close popular vote.

If you have not seen the Anonymous videos, take a look. If you have seen them, watch again and try to determine how they were able to draw such a bold conclusion.

Video #1 below:

That first video was so sarcastic, so ridiculous in some ways, that many thought it was a joke. What did Anonymous know that we did not?

The second video, below, contains more statistics and facts, rather than humor and sarcasm.

Who is laughing now? Do these video give Anonymous a dose of credibility that they did not have before?

It certainly would seem so.

Earlier, we reported:

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