INSANITY! Portland Police Call Anti-Trump Protesters “Anarchists, Security level Upgraded

The insanity of this election is increasing. We know now that Soros is “bussing” in protestors to major cities. The left just can not wrap their head around losing this election. The madness that is taking place in our beloved country has reached an all time high, but we will not back down! We will stand tall, and continue to fight for what is ours.

Trump won the Presidency fair and square. The majority of the country wants Trump, it is as simple as that.

The super liberal city of Portland is on high alert. The protests have now been upgraded to riots. See the tweets below from the Portland police…

Below is a map of the counties that went for Trump in Oregon. All I have to say is thank God for the electoral college! This shows the concentration of liberals in Urban areas. If it weren’t for the electoral college, we would be ruled by these far left winged nut jobs time and time again.


Please say a prayer for our servicemen and women today. These are scary times, but better days are ahead. President Trump is in the house!

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