[Video] Muslim Democrat WOMAN Voted TRUMP, Watch Her Shut CNN Up

Asra Nomani is an immigrant, a Muslim and a life-long liberal. She is also, as she told CNN’s Carol Costello Friday, a “silent secret Donald Trump voter.”. However, she believes that radical Islam is a real threat to Americans and TRUMP is the only person that will be able to bring both sides together to address the issue.

Nomani couldn’t be more right, it’s time for Americans to give a big “middle finger” to political correctness just as Trump has. While some view Trump’s comments over the past year as horrific, it’s time to stop pussy footing around the issues and worrying about people’s “feelings”. The liberal “honor brigade” has to stop.

Friday she explained to CNN exactly why she voted for Trump and of course CNN seems quite speechless.

DC had this to say:


Nomani, a former reporter for the Wall Street Journal and co-founder of the Muslim Reform Movement, explained to Costello that Trump is casting light on problems America is ignoring “for the sake of political correctness.”

“What I know is that we have today a very real and serious threat by extremist Muslims,” she stated. “This is a reality that we haven’t confronted directly for the sake of political correctness, and if people would hear out the concerns and fears that others have about the issues to refugees and extremists, I think we could find a path that’s in the middle.”


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