[VIDEO] Alleged Trump Protester DEFECATES On A Trump Sign, Then It Gets Crazy

[VIDEO] Trump Protester DEFECATES On A Trump Sign, Then It Gets Crazy

GRAPHIC VIDEO:┬áNow we know that Trump protesters are being paid. The truth is hard to determine, however…

One thing that everyone, on both sides of the political aisle, can agree on, is the fact that Election Night 2016 was a shocker. Donald Trump’s supporters believed that the system was rigged against him. Hillary Clinton, her Campaign, and many of her supporters, knew that she had rigged they system against Trump, because they are the ones who helped make it happen.

Now we know that Trump outran the angle. Despite the lies, the cheating, the bribery, the fraud, Donald Trump won and will be the next President.

At first, it appeared that protests of Trump’s shock victory would be minimal. There were reports of several incidents on Election Night, but nothing really out of the ordinary.

Then a few days went by and things started to get nuts.

Why was there a delay? Many believe that Hillary supporters had no idea she would lose. Those who would PAY protesters to make a ruckus were caught off guard by Trump’s victory. It took them a few days to organize the buses and the paid protesters to start making a mess in cities across America.

Now there are reports of violence, gunshots, and vandalism, while evidence of out-of-state protesters being bussed into cities is apparent.

Some reports of protesters are even GROSS!

Take this one, for example. Reportedly, in broad daylight, with a crowd of onlookers, a woman cops a squat while hanging on to a pole, defecates on a Trump sign, picks it up, and then wipes it and rubs it in.

This is Third World behavior.

Watch for yourself. Keep reading, as we have uncovered the truth about the video.

Turns out, this video is being misrepresented. It is from an old event in 2012, long before Trump was our President.

You know what is sad, though? Hillary Clinton and her liberals friends are so disgusting that millions of us have no problem believing that their supporters would do something like this!

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