“PATRIOTISM IS RACISM”, Protesters Continue to Spread a Dangerous Message of HATE

As thousands of anti-MAGA protesters flood the streets hell bent on tearing down the system, their reason for being there is becoming even more ridiculous. Half of them don’t even know why they are there and the other half are paid. However, they are spreading a divisive message that is becoming dangerous. The average freedom loving American may not be able to go outside if this doesn’t stop soon. Not to mention get to work or a life saving hospital.

The very people that preach tolerance have in fact become intolerant because they didn’t get their way. This is anything but peaceful.

GP has the story:

THOUSANDS of angry Hillary supporters marched in downtown Chicago on Saturday, blocking traffic, shutting down street crossings, and promising to tear down the system.


She is wearing a Keffiyah scarf – a symbol of Palestinian nationalism!


America was never great.


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