[Watch] British Comedian Blames LIBERALS for TRUMP Win in EPIC RANT

British actor and comedian Tom Walker’s leftwing persona “Jonathan Pie” went into an epic rant blaming Donald Trump’s victory on the left wing social justice warriors that hurl insults at their opponents, kill political debate, and label anyone who disagrees with them as sexist and racist. Political correctness has become the death of the Democratic party.

Clinton’s campaign did just that and it should come as no surprise the people hated her for it. Not only did she kill debate with her insults, she showed the world who she really was. She was unwilling to come up with any meaningful commentary that resonated with the people. She is the reason she lost. End of story.

Breitbart has the story:


It’s time to stop moaning. It’s time to stop crying over spilt fucking Brexit. It time to stop ignoring your opponents or worst trying to silence them. It’s time to stop banning people from speaking in universities. It’s time to stop thinking that reposting an article on your Facebook feed is political engagement. That banning a gymnast from doing what he’s good at because he insulted someone’s religion somehow achieves something. And sorry, when did the gymnast’s association start thinking it was appropriate to start enforcing blasphemy laws?

 It’s time to realize that reading The Guardian doesn’t make you a liberal. That re-tweeting Green Peace doesn’t lower your carbon footprint.

And if my mansplaining is triggering you, you can either fuck off to your safe space or you can engage and debate me and tell me what I’m getting wrong. Because Trump just won the White House. Being offended doesn’t work any more. Throwing insults doesn’t work any more.

The only thing that works is fucking bothering, doing something, and all you have to do is engage in the debate. Talk to people who think differently to you and persuade them of your argument. It’s so easy, and the left have lost the art. Stop thinking that everyone who disagrees with you is evil or racist or sexist or stupid, and talk to them, persuade them otherwise because if you don’t. I’ll tell you what you get – you get President Donald Trump.

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