Twitter Allows ‘Rape Melania’ to Trend After Recent Trump Assassination Threats

Social media giant Twitter allowed the violent threat “Rape Melania” against incoming First Lady Melania Trump to trend after the site exploded with assassination threats against President-elect Donald Trump.

Outside the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C., a protester held up a sign saying “RAPE MELANIA,” which went viral.

The trend later disappeared Sunday afternoon after many tweeted their outrage.

 “RapeMelania” – free speech!

After Trump won the presidential election on Tuesday, threats against his life spread on social media, as the Daily Mail reported:

“So who’s going to assassinate Trump at his inauguration?” one Twitter user demanded to know.

“I just pray that the first n***a who tries to assassinate Donald Trump don’t miss,” another added.

One joked: “My mom is talking about assassinate donald trump. watch out guy my white suburban mother is coming for you.”

While some also called for the death of vice president-elect Mike Pence.

“If trump wins pls dont assassinate him without getting mike pence first because his a** is f***ing crazy,” one user tweeted…

A source close to the Secret Service, told the that the agency were well aware of the threats and that they had seen a spike since Trump was elected on Tuesday.

They said there were ‘mechanisms in place’ to monitor social media for such posts, and to determine which threats were more concerning than others but said that “every threat was taken seriously.”

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