ELECTION FRAUD: VoteFraud.org Just Released Outrageous Numbers On How Much Hillary Cheated

ELECTION FRAUD: VoteFraud.org Just Released Outrageous Numbers On How Much Hillary Cheated

No matter how much you thought Hillary and the Democrats cheated, the numbers appear to be FAR WORSE!

For years, Hillary Clinton and her minions have been claiming that Voter ID Laws are discriminatory and that minorities end up losing, being disenfranchised, etc…

The flimsy argument pleads the case that the requirement of presenting a form of identification before voting hurts blacks, the young, and the elderly because they are somehow less likely to be able to obtain an official ID. It is an argument that many of us have never understood, as it is suspected that it is much easier to cheat if ID is not required.

Apparently, those of us who think that ID should be required may be on to something.

A newly released report from Greg Phillips of VoterFraud.org has revealed shocking statistics on the 2016 Elections voter turnout.

We can be certain that the overwhelming majority of these 3 million non-citizen votes did not go to President Elect Donald Trump. Immigration reform, as you well know, has been the centerpiece of his controversial platform, while Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have developed the act of pandering to minorities into an art form.

There are still more votes to be counted from the 2016 Presidential Election, though the Electoral College stands, and the results will not change.

Some argue that Hillary won the popular vote, though many absentee ballots from states carried by Trump will not be counted, as his winning total in those states easily exceed the number of absentee ballots received.

The good news: in this internet/information age, people are paying attention, and, now more than ever, accurate information is being presented to “We The People.”

Liberals like Hillary will continue to cheat but the likelihood of them getting caught is higher than ever.

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