Hilarious: Anti-Trump Graffiti Shows The Ignorance Of The Protesters

Anti-Trump graffiti reading “Fucc Trump” was spotted on Friday in Los Angeles. These thugs are using every excuse in the book to let their wicked ways run amuck America. This is not protesting, this is straight up heathenism. On the other side of the token, it is quite comical to see people so ignorant, that they can’t even spell their favorite word.

This is why Trump won. America is ready for some law and order.


The particular vandal responsible for the graffiti above, however, seems to have had no idea how to spell one of the most common expletives in the English language. (Perhaps he, or she, ran out of K’s scrawling “KKK” on other walls, elsewhere.)

Anti-Trump protests continued on Saturday evening in Los Angeles and other cities. The Associated Press reports: “The protests — held in big cities such as Los Angeles, New York and Chicago as well as smaller ones, such as Worcester, Massachusetts, and Iowa City, Iowa — were largely peaceful Saturday, although two police officers were slightly injured during protests in Indianapolis.”

After a protest in downtown L.A. that drew 8,000 people on Saturday afternoon, smaller groups of hundreds of demonstrators marched through the city at night. The Los Angeles Timesreports: “Some were seen being detained downtown on suspicion of vandalism, including one seen spray painting “my body, my choice” in the 3rd Street tunnel.

Protests have continued throughout the country as these left wing nut jobs continue to reject the results of last Tuesday’s election. Eventually they will have to put on their big people pants, and get to work, cause the gravy train is over!

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