[PHOTOS] Movie Star Risks Career When Spotted Walking Out Of Store With A Liberals Worst Nightmare

A Hollywood star recently was outed by the paparazzi as a Second Amendment supporter, and the news is driving liberals crazy.

Former Disney child star Hilary Duff, now a grown-up single mother, was spotted exiting a gun store in Culver City, California, with a new black box in her hand, according to TMZ.

That black box contained a new Glock handgun, though the exact model was not immediately known.

Hilary Duff 1

Duff held a bag of ammunition and some paperwork in her other hand as she walked through the parking lot of the store.

The celebrity gossip website noted that Duff had recently completed a handgun safety course, earning a special certificate, before going to purchase her new firearm.

Hilary Duff 2

It remained unclear whether she purchased the handgun for an upcoming movie role or home defense, or if she intends to pursue getting one of the coveted and rare concealed carry permits in the anti-gun blue state, though she certainly has the celebrity clout to achieve such a feat.

Seeing as Duff is a young, attractive and now single celebrity, she has undoubtedly dealt with stalkers and threatening fans before and likely will continue to do so.

Now she can protect herself if one of the crazies gets out of hand and presents a danger to Duff or her young son.

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