VIDEO PROOF! Anti-Trump Protesters Are Bought And Paid For

Caught on tape! The video below shows us what we already know. The riots we are experiencing are not spontaneous at all. They have been bought and paid for by the democrat party. These rioters are making money off of destroying private property, beating innocent people, and disrupting the peace. If this doesn’t outrage you, I am not sure what will.

From Zero Hedge:

Now, courtesy of a Zero Hedge reader, we have visual confirmation of how a substantial portion of these professional, paid protesters arrive at the site of the protest, in this case Chicago.

As our reader notes, “I have a video of 5 city blocks on the West side of Chicago lined with buses from Wisconsin (Badger Bus Lines) bringing in protestors. The Sears tower is visible in the background.” The video was taken at 3:30pm on South Canal Street in Chicago on Saturday. As our reader points out, hundreds of the participants that took part in the downtown Chicago protests from November 12 were bused in using these vehicles. Other arrived by train.


Now we have more clarity regarding these riots. Soros and Clinton are behind it all. That is why Hillary won’t make a statement. Obama won’t make a statement either because he has his hand in it as well. If this isn’t massive government corruption, then I am not sure what is. This is why Trump was elected. We the people have had enough of these Washington mobsters.

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