An Assassination Plot Of Trump Has Been Exposed, Details Are Scary

This election has brought out the crazy in so many people. It was incredible to see the liberals so enthusiastic about love Trumping hate, and now since they didn’t get their way, they have turned to hate, and murder plots.

There have been calls to assassinate President elect Trump. I am not even sure they know why they hate him so much, except the fact that the liberal spun media tells them too, but one CEO has taken it to a whole other level.

In a stunning display of mental illness and a shocking inability to control his emotions, Matt Harrigan the President & CEO at PacketSled, located in San Diego, California, has declared that he will ASSASSINATE President-elect Trump with a sniper rifle. He even doubled down on his plot and told the Secret Service to “bring it.” Below is a series of demented tweets from this vile, violent, and mentally disturbed “businessman.”

Apparently he has ties to the CIA:


He is now backtracking, but we can’t let him get away with these words.

Redstate Watcher posted all of his contact information:

This is Matt’s twitter account here. @mattharrigan

This is Matt’s Facebook here. (Link:

This is the business number: (858) 225-2352

Redstate watcher is calling on Facebook and Twitter to permanently BAN this man and his business from social media. We all need to be on board with that!

We need to all stand together and expose these radicals. These are homegrown terrorists, and they must be dealt with. Please share this story, and warn others of this.

God bless you Trump.


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