Philando Castile: Police Officer Charged With Death, BLM REJOICE

Minnesota prosecutors filed charges Wednesday against the police officer who fatally shot driver Philando Castile after it was all caught on video by his girlfriend. Yanez’s partner at the scene, Officer Joseph Kauser, was cleared of any wrongdoing. Both Officers believed that Castile was a robbery suspect which prompted the shooting.  Attorney Choi said, “It is my conclusion that the use of deadly force was not justified.”

Castile’s shooting prompted numerous protests, including a weeklong demonstration outside the governor’s mansion and one rally that shut down Interstate 94 in St. Paul for hours. BLM continue to protest many shootings where race seems to be the underlying factor.

The Guardian has the story:

A Minnesota police officer has been charged with second-degree manslaughter in the killing of Philando Castile, an African American who was fatally shot in a suburb of St Paul, Minnesota, in July.

Ramsey County attorney John Choi announced the manslaughter charge and two other felony charges on Wednesday, more than four months after Castile, 32, was killed. St Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez will have his first court appearance on Friday, Choi said. Yanez was also charged with two counts of felony discharge of a firearm. The maximum sentence for the second-degree manslaughter charge is 10 years and a $20,000 fine.

Castile’s death was among a number of police killings of black Americans that spurred protests and led to calls for police reforms across the country. The aftermath of the shooting was live-streamed on Facebook by his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds. The video, which did not capture the shooting itself, quickly went viral amid a contentious nationwide conversation about police use of deadly force.

Choi did not release the dashboard camera footage which captured the entire shooting, but recounted in great detail the dialogue and events preceding Castile’s death. He described a compliant and law-abiding motorist who calmly informed Yanez that he was armed with a concealed weapon before Yanez pulled the trigger.


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