UFC Octagon Girls DESTROY The Internet With The Greatest Mannequin Challenge In History

UFC Octagon Girls DESTROY The Internet With The Greatest Mannequin Challenge In History

It is easy to see why this SMOLDERING trend video has gone viral!

We are not sure where or how the mannequin challenge got started, but after watching the antics of the Ultimate Fighting Championship Octagon Girls, we are SO happy that it did. This is a craze that may not slow down for some time as the opportunities are prevalent in everyday home and work life.

Everyone is talking about the UFC these days. Conor McGregor just knocked out Eddie Alvarez to win the UFC Lightweight belt at 155 pounds. He already holds the UFC Featherweight belt at 145 pounds, making him the only man to hold, and potentially defend, two belts from two weight classes simultaneously.

That is historic, exciting stuff, but we are more excited, at the moment, at seeing the Octagon Girls and their interpretation of the mannequin challenge. Not only do they execute it flawlessly, they give us a look into their work lives.

The girls in the video are: Brittney Palmer, Arianny Celeste, Chrissy Blair, Vanessa Hanson, and Ashley Piccone. The video was filmed backstage at Madison Square Garden in New York. The video was produced after Conor McGregor’s history-making win.

Skimpy uniforms, bikini tops, and make-up dominate the footage.

Watch and enjoy for yourself:

Are you a UFC fan? After watching that smoking clip, are you considering becoming one?

With National Football League ratings going down in a spiral, the UFC has much to gain. Wouldn’t you rather watch exciting fights and hot ring girls than spoiled, whining millionaires who protest the National Anthem?

If we are correct about the ratings trends, UFC will continue to grow while the NFL sinks.

The efforts of these Octagon Girls are certain to help!


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