NO MORE Midnight Shenanigans from OBAMA, House Moves to BLOCK “Last Minute” Regulations

If we were all very honest, this is something that has been in the back of everyone’s mind since the beginning of the election season. What kind of damage is Obama capable of before leaving office? Well, nothing if the House has anything to say about it.

No more late night shenanigans at the cost of the American people before Obama heads out. The House hopefully made sure of that by passing legislation allowing Congress overturn by a single vote any regulations finalized during Obama’s last days.

Of course critics of the new legislation say it once again undermines Obama and could potentially SAVE LIVES, but we all know better than that. We don’t want anything left from Obama to linger for any longer than it has to. Had Obama given the American people a reason to believe he wouldn’t use executive power for nonsense or against the people, this might have been a different story.

Red State had this to say:

President Obama will not have any “Be sure to do this last thing before you turn out the lights” moments.

At least, not if the House has their say.

The House on Thursday passed legislation letting Congress overturn by a single vote any regulations finalized in the final days of the Obama administration.

Despite Democratic opposition, the Midnight Rule Relief Act passed largely along party lines by a 240-179 vote. The bill amends the Congressional Review Act to allow Congress to overturn rules en bloc by way of a resolution.

Representative Bob Goodlatte, of Virginia, made the case to his colleagues that this was the will of the American people, that President Obama not be allowed to put a final, parting dagger into the back of the nation.

“This bill guarantees that Congress can prevent any and all last-minute defiance of the people’s will by midnight regulations that stubbornly seem to entrench the last pieces of the administrations bipartisan agenda.”

And earlier in the week, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy warned the federal agencies in a letter not to finalize any pending rules or regulations from now to the inauguration. Those that are, he assured, will be scrutinized and — if appropriate — overturned.

This will come as a comfort to many who have been sounding the alarms about what President Obama might do in the last hours of his presidency, as one, final overreach of power.

Of course, the usual Democrat whiners have appropriately knotted up their panties and are venting their frustrations.

While the bill targets rules finalized in the lame-duck period between Election Day and Trump’s Jan. 20 inauguration, Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) argues its reach is much further.

Despite the bill’s colorful title, he said the legislation allows Congress to overturn rules finalized as far back as May.

Oh, good!

Johnson went on to characterize it as a “non-existent problem,” saying that most last minute regulations normally take 3.6 years to complete.

He doesn’t quite grasp the concept of not wanting anything of Obama’s disastrous legacy to linger and reappear 3 or 4 years down the road, either.



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