OBAMA’S Final Parting WISH Proves He’s Still a Spineless Pansy

As American’s all bent over and took it during Obama’s reign, Obama makes his final wishes known and they are very telling. America has become the laughing stalk of the world thanks to Obama, and he HOPES Trump will be able to “stand up to Russia”.

One can only assume this means “stand up to Russia like I never did” but Obama failed on foreign policy¬†because he did NOTHING for the wrong reason.

The fact is, Trump isn’t going to “stand up to Russia” because there isn’t any need to and he knows it. Trump is going to form good relationships with other countries and Liberals want to always go back to the glory days during the cold war when people were so AFRAID of nuclear war, they pretty much begged the government to spend TRILLIONS of dollars all in the name of defense.

It is not our job to police the world and Trump is ready to bring it home.




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