ANONYMOUS: ‘Encrypted Data Found In Podesta Email Photos’

ANONYMOUS: 'Encrypted Data Found In Pedestal Email Photos'

Is it more than just coincidence that we learn of pedophile rings being discovered and prosecuted now? 

Anonymous, WikiLeaks, and other sources from the so-called “alternative media” changed the political landscape in the United States, and ultimately propelled Donald Trump to victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election.

The WikiLeaks series, entitled “The Podesta Emails,” proved to be a key player in Trump’s historic victory.

For several weeks now, rumors have been flying about hidden pedophilia networks that, in some cases, are global.

It is rumored that former President Bill Clinton flew on the private jet of convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein multiple times to take part in illegal activities with underage slaves. Many believe that Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, and Anthony Weiner were also involved.

It is certainly “coincidental” to learn of pedophile rings being discovered after the FBI took possession of Weiner’s computer during a scandal that included Weiner’s sexting with underage girls.

Let’s not forget about Hillary’s Campaign Chairman, John Podesta, and his business partner and brother, Tony.

The Podestas are rumored to be involved in similar nefarious activities, and the emails released by WikiLeaks are now under intense scrutiny.

Conservative Daily post reports:

Now, don’t get nervous because it looks like computer mumbo-jumbo. You only need to remember two things.

1 – Every picture file is actually a code/pattern of numbers that our computers “translate” into images on the screen.

2 – Some “extra” information has been discovered in at least one picture code/pattern from a Wikileaks email.

I reported weeks ago about this “pedo ring” something called “photo steganography,” which is just the fancy term for the two points I explained just now.

The image (.jpg) of the two girls eating pizza was discovered as an attachment in the Podesta emails by Wikileaks. Data can be hidden in a .jpg file. In that image, a zipped directory (PK) was hidden inside. That doesn’t happen by accident. The directory likely contains illegal imagery and/or discussion. It is highly suggestive of illegal activity connected to child pornography, child exploitation, and child abuse.

The post also has uncovered some disturbing images from the lives of the Podestas. To view them, visit here.

Something tells me this is not the last we will here of the Podestas, their emails, and how the Clintons are involved.

What do you think?

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