Gigi Hadid Impersonates Melania Trump At The AMA’s The Reaction She Got Was Unexpected

It is comical that any person who is not a crazed liberal democrat is free game to make fun of. It doesn’t matter what race or ethnicity they are. They are free game to mock by the left. They speak about equality, and love trumping hate, yet they make fun of anyone that is not a loony liberal.

Could you imagine if a supermodel was on stage and made fun of Michelle Obama? Holy cow, there would be a tantrum like you have never seen, but apparently it is OK to mock the incoming first lady.

Last night at the AMA’s, supermodel Gigi Hadid put on her best Melania. It wasn’t so much the impression, but her words… Twitter exploded in defense of the future FLOTUS.

This one nailed it…

Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

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