JUST IN: Anonymous Is Marching On Trump Tower To Annihilate ‘Status Quo’

JUST IN: Anonymous Is Marching On Trump Tower To Annihilate 'Status Quo'

Hackers like Anonymous helped Trump get elected. No one knows what will happen next, though!

Hacktivist group Anonymous is, stunningly, marching on Trump Tower to push people to “unite regardless of political affiliation for an issue that effects us all.”

As you may have heard, President-Elect Donald Trump is considering John McAfee as his appointment for Cyber Chief. McAfee has found himself at the center of a number of controversies in recent years, and Trump’s choosing of him has raised eyebrows on both sides of the political aisle.

Earlier this year, McAfee claimed that he could easily hack into an iPhone, therefore there would be no need for Apple to create a backdoor for the purpose of government investigations. McAfee also claimed that he could also hack into the the popular app, WhatsApp. Eventually, he admitted that both claim were false and were made as “publicity stunts.”

McAfee has also been accused of two murders and a rape in the country of Belize.

Though he is embattled, Anonymous apparently believes in McAfee to the degree that they are marching on Trump Tower to encourage the incoming President to hire McAfee and appoint him as Cyber Chief.

Their bottom line on McAfee, according to the Anonymous campaign website, is that “he has a lot of street cred when it comes to cybersecurity. It doesn’t hurt that he’s 70 but looks 60, is handsome, fit, well spoken, and has a good sense of humor.”

Do not dismiss the plan of a march as a small thing. On November 5th, Anonymous perpetually holds the “Million Mask March,” which has become a global headline and event. A march on Trump Tower is no small thing.

Reportedly, McAfee was initially inclined to turn down the offer of a job by Trump, but now he has been encouraged to reconsider.

If appointed by Trump, the controversy surrounding John McAfee is certain to make more headlines, and the endorsement of a group like Anonymous will not help matters.

For more information on the upcoming march, visit the following site, produced by Anonymous. It is aptly titled “AnonymousForMcAfee.”


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