The Pesky Little Electoral College Rule That Liberals DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT

Liberal Democrats think they can steal the Election from Trump with “Faithless Electors.”  THINK AGAIN!

Liberal Democrat Electors have dominated the headlines recently with their plans to influence Electors to somehow vote against Trump. They knew that the system was rigged for Hillary Clinton and are still living with the shock of her historic, stunning defeat.

How can it be possible for a Party, and a candidate, to cheat to the degree that they cannot imagine losing? No wonder it is being reported that Hillary had a drunken, violent Election Night meltdown. She thought it was in the bag.

Now, liberal Electors in Colorado and Washington State are encouraging other Electors to dump Trump. It is as if somehow they can still rig the system by manipulating an Electoral College system that has worked for hundreds of years.

Trump has more than 270 Electoral Votes. They will not convince enough Electors to abandon him in an attempt to give the Presidency to Hillary Clinton.

Hypothetically, what would happen if a large number of Electors tried to buck the system and become so-called Faithless Electors?

In an Electoral College crisis like the one described above, the Constitution dictates that they House of Representatives votes to choose the Presidency. Each state would get one House Delegation.

Who controls the House? The Republicans! Also, Trump’s landslide victory afforded him more states than Hillary overall.

Let the Liberal Democrats try to mess with the Electoral College. Does anyone truly believe that the current House of Representatives would give the Presidency to Hillary Clinton?

Here is what is really going on: Liberals are in shock that they lost and they are complaining about the Electoral College. With 3 million illegal immigrants counted in the ballots, shouldn’t they be concerned about a fair election and not this silly sniveling?

Keep sniveling, Liberals. We have a President on the way to The White House who will get things accomplished while you whine.


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