WikiLeaks: ‘If Trump Won’t Take Hillary Down, We Have A Plan’

WikiLeaks: 'If Trump Won' Take Hillary Down, We Have A Plan'

WikiLeaks just unveiled a post-Election SHOCKER that Trump and Hillary CANNOT IGNORE!

During the unpredictable 2016 Election Season, Donald Trump’s rhetoric on Hillary Clinton’s crime and corruption increased in intensity over time. Americans loved it. When Trump said, “You’d be in jail…” during one of the Presidential Debates, he put himself in The White House.

Now that the Trump Team is transitioning into power as Inauguration Day approaches, his words are much softer in nature. Trump supporters, who want to see justice for the crimes that Hillary committed, are not pleased.

It is a bit early to become angry, however, as there are at least four Congressional Investigations underway, and five FBI Investigations. Trump did not say he would stop them. Time will tell how the Trump Administration will handle the Clinton problem.

If Trump does not act, however, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks will. Recently, the truth-exposing, hacking organization hand-delivered a letter to the Daily Mirror, a letter that held an ominous message for Trump and  terrifying message for Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton’s crimes will not go unpunished. If she is not formally charged for mishandling sensitive material we will have no choice but to release proof that she is guilty of high treason against the United States for selling patented military secrets to the Saudi Arabian government. We also have proof that she is guilty of crimes against Russia, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Caledonia and Brazil. The United States would be doing her a favor by putting her in prison and saving her from the severe punishments several of these nations would impose.”

The letter also gives Trump a deadline of January 21st to indict Clinton. That is fast action but most Americans would not mind.

If Trump, Congress, and the FBI to not expose Hillary Clinton, it appears that WikiLeaks will.

It makes you wonder who they will take down with her?


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