The ‘Election Recount’ VIDEO That Hillary Does Not Want You To See

The 'Election Recount' VIDEO That Hillary Does Not Want You To See

It was only a few short weeks ago that liberals started calling Trump a “sore loser.” Who’s the loser now?

President-Elect Donald Trump ran on a platform that claimed “the system is rigged.”

American jobs go overseas while politicians enrich themselves on foreign trade deals.

Pay-for-play schemes between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation ravaged impoverished countries like Haiti.

Illegal immigrants are allowed to vote without showing an id.

Speaking of elections, look at what happened to Bernie Sanders. The wild popular liberal candidate garnered enough votes to challenge Hillary Clinton repeatedly in the Democrat Primaries, only to have them taken away from him by the super delegate process.

Trump said it best, “The system was rigged against Bernie Sanders and for Hillary Clinton.”

Trump went on to say that the Republican Primaries were similarly rigged, but that he delivered such a massive knockout blow that the Republicans had no choice but to fall in line.

The same can be said for the General Election. Hillary and her liberal friends in the media tried every trick in the book to rig the system against Trump and they thought that they had the Election in the bag.

Again, Trump delivered a landslide knockout blow that cannot be denied.

Now, we are seeing actions being taken that lead to a recount.

Earlier, we reported:

Anonymous: ‘Soros Funding Jill Stein’s LEGAL RECOUNT In Election Reversal’

It is evident that a number of Hillary-loving liberals are behind the recount process. Jill Stein, who won less than 1% of the vote, has started a recount campaign that has raised $160,000 per hour while being paid electronically by a “bot.”

So, what does Hillary think of all this recount talk?

Take a look at this all-too-recent video:

Who is assaulting democracy now, Hillary? Who is the sore loser?

It certainly is not Donald Trump.


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