BOMBSHELL: Trump Launches NEW, BRILLIANT Investigation Of Hillary

Trump’s NEW PLAN to expose Hillary’s global corruption is PURE BRILLIANCE!

When President-Elect Donald Trump recently implied that he would not personally prosecute Hillary Clinton, the headlines were brutal. Many felt that he was taking back a campaign promise to bring his former opponent to justice.

Others pointed out that Trump never said he would stop the four Congressional Investigations that are underway, nor would he stand in the way of the five FBI Investigations currently in place. As President, it is not Donald Trump’s job to prosecute. It is the job of law enforcement, Congress, and the Department of Justice to handle the misdeeds of Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.

Now, it is being reported that Trump will initiate an unconventional plan to expose the Clintons. As President, he will instruct his Ambassadors to speak with foreign countries about how Secretary of State Clinton and her minions exploited them for the gain of the Clinton Foundation.

Two countries in particular, Haiti and Colombia, will be the focus of the new plan.

The plight of Haiti is a prime example of the Clinton shakedown of the world. Secretary of State Clinton’s State Department was in charge of dolling out relief dollars, and contracts, to contractors who could provide relief to the impoverished Haitian people after the great earthquake. Through WikiLeaks, and other sources, we learned that “friends of Bill Clinton,” AKA Clinton Foundation donors, got preferential treatment in gaining federal contracts to help the Haitians. Other reports tell of the corrupt management of the money earmarked for infrastructure and other improvements in Haiti.

It is a new day in Washington. Trump, as brash as he may be, was elected because people are sick and tired of the corruption that Hillary has come to represent.

Perhaps, as Trump said during the Debates, Hillary will wind up in jail after all.

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