Cuban-American Linebacker TWEETS A Moment Of EPIC KARMA For Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick kneels during the National Anthem and praises dictator Fidel Castro. Unfortunately for him, KARMA was watching!

Things just keep getting worse for San Franciso 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

He started the 2016 National Football League preseason by protesting the National Anthem. He continued to kneel during the pregame ritual during the regular season, and NFL ratings have suffered. No one appreciates the protests of oppression from a whining millionaire.

In a series of events that must have been directed by Divine Timing, Kaepernick found himself at the receiving end of an epic dose of karma.

First, Kaepernick praised Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, while wearing a pro-Castro t-shirt that said “Great Minds Think Alike.” When challenged on his statements, Kaepernick said that he did not approve of Castro’s oppression, but that he did like his education and healthcare initiatives.

Ignorant and illogical, right?

As fate would have it, Castro passed away on Friday, and the 49ers traveled to Miami for a game against the Dolphins on Sunday. Miami fans were none to pleased at Kaepernick’s arrival.

Please note, the 49ers were 1 and 9 entering the game and in desperate need of a victory. Unfortunately, for them, karma stepped in at the goal line as the game ended, and a Cuba-American was there to help dish it out.

Kiko Alonso, a linebacker of Cuban descent, had admitted to bad blood between himself and Kaepernick. His family had suffered at the hands of Castro and he has no appreciation for Kaepernick’s pro-Castro comments.

Alonso commemorated the moment that the Dolphins, and karma, destroyed Kaepernick at a last-second goal-line stand.

Perhaps God watches world events and professional football after all?

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