HORROR: Cameras Capture GRAPHIC Footage Of Ohio State Active Shooter Scene

Students and faculty are being advised to shelter in place

An active shooter alert has been issued at Ohio State. It has also been reported that one suspect was using a butcher knife against the students.

One college student posted the following picture:


Some say the suspect is this man:

Reportedly, ISIS had been calling for knife attacks for two days, and ISIS channels have been abuzz with the news of today’s attack.

Earlier, we reported:

UPDATE: 9 have been injured. 1 is dead. At least 1 shooter has been killed.

Photos and video have been released and some are quite graphic:

A photo of at least one bodybag has been shared by the campus newspaper:

One student has been reporting from the scene:

Earlier, we reported:

The Columbus Campus reports that at least 7 have been transported since the shooting started.

Police are also advising that people avoid the area of College Road North.

Sophomore Wyatt Crosher said he heard gunfire that he believes came from a class building across the street.

“My roommate and I heard about three or four gunshots from across the street, and soon after we heard a bunch of police and ambulances pull up across the street,” the 19-year-old said.

“We can’t see the building where the shooting happened because of a dorm blocking our view. It truly sounded like gunshots, and really soon after we heard a bunch of sirens. We can see the police cars from our dorm.”

We will continue to follow the story and provide updates as we have them.


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