[VIDEO] Father Stops To Help Disabled Vehicle Gets Struck and Thrown 50ft Off Bridge

An Idaho man survived a 50-feet plunge off a bridge after he was hit by a car on his way home.

Steven Tyler Arrasmith was driving his truck from Oregon to Idaho on the Snake River Bridge Monday when he noticed a car parked with its blinkers, blocking traffic, and decided to get out and see what was going on.

“I put my vehicle in park and put flashers and went to go check on them,” said Arrasmith, who is CPR and first aid certified. “I wanted to make sure everyone was okay. I started walking towards the vehicle.”

That’s when Arrasmith heard a loud noise and before he knew it he was clinging onto the side of the bridge for dear life.

“I heard a loud screech and I turned and looked and I saw someone smash into the jeep I was driving,” Arrasmith told InsideEdition.com.

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