[VIDEO] Russian Ice Skating Show Featured A Holocaust-Themed Performance, People In Shock

An Olympic ice-dancing gold medalist and her on-ice partner have caused controversy by dressing up in concentration camp uniforms for a dance routine on a popular television show.

Tatiana Navka, who is the wife of Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, and dancing partner Andrei Burkovsky, appeared in Saturday’s episode of “Ice Age” dressed in striped uniforms bearing yellow six-pointed stars and heavily made-up to look bruised and frail.

Their routine, which aired on state-owned Channel One, was based on “Life is Beautiful,” the Academy Award-winning Italian movie about a Jewish father who pretends for the sake of his small son that their internment in a Nazi camp is just a game.

Navka’s Instagram account soon was flooded with indignant comments.

Their dance sparked outrage in Israel.

Read the full story here, and watch the video below to see the controversial performance.

Read the full story here


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