Want to Avoid a TRUMP Presidency? This Swede Will Marry You for a “Small” FEE

Swedish photographer, art director, and surf instructor Gustav Hallén will be your husband (and ticket to Swedish citizenship) for a small fee. If you’re looking to escape the United States before Donald Trump is sworn in as President and it becomes a giant casino, is what he is asking really that much?

Sadly, his eBay posting was removed because it violated some sort of rule against the sale of actual people. Go figure. Luckily, The Gaily Grind got to it first and is reporting that he listed himself as someone “overall good physical health and a fine specimen” in spite of “some weather damages and minor eye problems.”

And his followup:

He said that he would be willing to marry a man or a woman provided they shared an interest in “long walks and Netflix and chill,” but it turns out he was kidding, anyway.

“I set the price so high that I wouldn’t get an offer,” he revealed. “It was just for fun. Then I saw a lot of people were sharing it. The best thing was the reaction. People laughed at it.”

His ad might be gone but that dating app that will match you with a Canadian is still around.

Anyway, here is another picture, via his Instagram account, here:


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