[Watch] INSTANT KARMA, Bully Knockout Goes VIRAL

This is what happens when you pick on the wrong person. I wish all kids had the ability to stand up for themselves, there would be a lot less hurt in the world. This footage was taken on a mobile phone by a passer-by and shows a teen boy walking along the road by himself when he is chased down by the thug. All I gotta say, payback is a b**ch. There should be some hefty fines and maybe an overnight stay in a jail cell for people that bully others. This kid got what was coming to him.

The Sun reports:


THIS is the moment a gobby bully gets far more than he bargained for when he picks a fight with the wrong opponent.

The mouthy youth is obviously spoiling for trouble as he pursues his ‘victim’ up the street trying to provoke a fight.

The bully approaches the taller youngster, moving in closer as they exchange words
Having had enough, the boy turns and delivers a sharp left hook

But the pugnacious pest is soon flat on his back when the bigger lad decides enough really is enough and decks him with a quick left hook.

The footage, taken on a mobile phone by a passer-by, shows a young boy walking along the road by himself when he is chased down by the thug.

The lad walks up behind him and tries to start a fight for what appears to be no reason.

At first he shoves the bigger boy before kicking him in the thigh.

The lad then turns and pushes his attacker backwards before landing a mighty left hook knocking him spark out.

After a couple of seconds the beaten bully hauls himself up – only to be mocked by his pals for being a idiot.

The clip, thought to be shot in the Netherlands, has gone viral across social media after it was posted on LiveLeaks.

The lad lies sprawled on the pavement after being floored by the lightning-fast blow


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