Revealing, Viral IMAGE Emerges Showing Dak Prescott As The ANTI-KAEPERNICK

Revealing, Viral IMAGE Emerges Showing Dak Prescott As The ANTI-KAEPERNICK

This is the Dak Prescott that the liberal media does not want you to know about!

The National Football League  has a problem. A number of problems, actually.

It is known as one of the most politically correct organizations in the public eye and is struggling to keep everyone happy. NFL Executives, Coaches, and players have opinions. Networks have opinions. Mostly importantly, viewers have opinions. A look at the decline in recent NFL ratings tells the story: viewers are not happy and they are watching other things.

It is easy to see the effect that Colin Kaepernick and his kneeling, National Anthem protests have had on the league. NFL fans tend to be red-blooded, flag-waving Americans, and they do not want to see a spoiled millionaire protest so-called oppression on the sidelines.

The NFL, so far, has been reticent to take drastic action, as they, undoubtedly, would offend someone. I believe that the League is trying to quietly get rid of Colin Kaepernick, but who knows for sure. At this time, Kaepernick is playing quarterback for the 1-10 San Francisco 49ers, so it is not likely that the League will have to do anything. Perhaps his career is ending all on its own accord.

Few people believe that Kaepernick is a good role model for America’s youth. He had every advantage, and was raised by a loving, white family, yet he still complains and praises the likes of brutal, deceased dictator Fidel Castro.

Things are not all bad for the NFL though. Consider the rise of sensational Dallas Cowboy’s quarterback Dak Prescott. He is undefeated as a starter and has put the Cowboys back on the map.

What kind of role model is Prescott? Take a look at this viral image:

Contrast this visual with those you see of Kaepernick kneeling on the sidelines. Who would you want your child to idolize?

Way to go, Dak. We respect you and would like to see more of this in the NFL.

So long, Kaepernick. Go Cowboys!

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