[VIDEO] Water Boarding IS SO BAD Now Millennials Are Doing It For Fun At Concerts

We’ve seen a lot of strange things at music festivals as a means to enhance the experience. This applies doubly to festivals that feature camping – but never before have we seen festival goers volunteer to be waterboarded for fun.

At Earthcore dance festival in Victoria, Australia (where one woman died this weekend), the act was apparently partially promoted by ‘party crew’, The Brink of Reality. The video below depicts one festival goer laying down and a cloth being placed over his face while another person in the background says, “Do you want some waterboarding?”

After having the water poured over his mouth and writhing, as if generally uncomfortable, he starts up and another man can be heard saying, “Oh come on man, that was nothing!”

Caution: this video might be disturbing to some viewers.

A spokesman for The Brink of Reality told Daily Mail Australia: “The video wasn’t posted by The Brink officially, and was made by two private citizens with ongoing consent being provided and checked on by both parties, with possible safety precautions being taken.

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