[WATCH] YouTube Crush Master Smashes $40k Gold Bar, We Find It Strangely Satisfying

When it comes to crushing Youtube views this kid literally crushes it! His latest video of smashing a Gold bar with a hydraulic press is somehow satisfying.


As share by DudeComedy:

This YouTuber goes for the shock value but smashing a $40,000 gold bar with a hydraulic press. I don’t think I have seen anything more expensive after get crushed before.


I have no words for how stupid some people out there are, there are too many people commenting on the video complaining about this YouTuber throwing away $40,000. It’s like they believe that the gold only has worth if it’s in a certain shape. Just for anyone still unsure about why it’s still worth the same amount, the worth of a gold bar is determined by its weight. No matter if it’s a bar or a ball 1000 grams of gold is still worth $40,000. After this dude pulverized it he most likely sent it back and got his money back minus the re-smelting costs.


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