Obama Makes More Last Minute Changes, This Time Its The Draft

Is it a good idea to require women to enter the draft or is the Obama administration out of line with their latest stance on the issue?

According to Stripes, The Obama administration is announcing its support for requiring women to register for the military draft.

The administration has been deliberating for roughly a year about whether to back such a change to the Selective Service. White House National Security Council spokesman Ned Price says that because previous barriers to military service are being removed, it makes logical sense for women to be required to register for the draft.

U.S. Marine Corps recruits with Platoon 4044, N. Co., 4th Battalion, Recruit Training Regiment, practice sighting in on the range at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, S.C., Oct. 24, 2016. SARAH STEGALL/U.S. MARINE CORPS

Price says the Obama administration remains committed to an all-volunteer military.

Under current law, women can volunteer to serve in the military but aren’t required to register for the draft. All adult men must register.

It would take an act of Congress to add women to the Selective Service.

The change in position was first reported by USA Today.

Source: Stripes

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