CNN Host’s Tell TRUMP to Grow a THICKER SKIN, SNL Totally Relevant

If you missed it, President-elect Donald Trump was not a big fan of Saturday Night Live’s last broadcast in which Alec Baldwin once again impersonated the incoming POTUS.

While the episode was still on the air, Trump took to Twitter to complain about how biased the show was and that Baldwin’s performance was bad. (The irony of Trump whining on Twitter about a skit portraying him as addicted to tweeting appeared lost on him.


And this isn’t the first time Trump has complained about the show and its treatment of him. He went after them in October, launching a tweetstorm regarding a segment on the second presidential debate that featured Baldwin.

CNN’s New Day devoted a segment to Trump’s battles with SNL this morning. Noting that this attention is actually good for the late-night comedy program, host Chris Cuomo asked media analyst Bill Carter if Trump needs to let these things slide.

 “Does the president-elect, Bill, have to get a thicker skin,” Cuomo wondered. “Do you think he knows what he’s about to enter?”

“I think he needs a skin,” Carter exclaimed. “he doesn’t even seem to have a skin it’s so thin. If he thinks this is bad now, when he’s in office, it will be all over the place. Every comedian, everyone.”

After Carter noted that Trump himself has hosted the show, the analyst pointed out that the skit wasn’t even really a parody because SNL themselves had to point out that Trump really did the things they were mocking him for. “It wasn’t even satire,” he remarked.

Media correspondent Brian Stelter also weighed in, noting that Trump’s attacks on SNL, CNN and other “old-fashioned” media institutions speaks to their continued relevance.

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